Wij zijn er voor Amsterdam en omstreken.

1 maart 2023: Op 1 maart ondertekenden 14 partijen het provinciaal regenboogstembus akkoord 2023.
1 april 2016: Amsterdam viert 15 jaar homohuwelijk met I Amsterdam in regenboogkleuren
2013: COC Amsterdam e.o presenteert het RAINBOW-project: een nieuw lespakket voor voorlichting op scholen
2021: COC Amsterdam bestaat 75 jaar!
5 december 2015: Amsterdam vangt LHBT-vluchtelingen die daaraan behoefte hebben apart op.
2016; COC Amsterdam e.o. bestaat zeventig jaar!
2014: oprichting van AmsterdamPinkPanel, een onderzoekspanel voor veiligheid van LHBT Amsterdammers
30 augustus 2015: Amsterdam schaft verplichte geslachtsregistratie op gemeentelijke formulieren af
8 april 2013: groot protest in Amsterdam tijdens bezoek Poetin
2015: start Cocktail, maatjesproject voor LHBT asielzoekers in Amsterdam en Almere
2016: EuroPride in Amsterdam

Doe mee!

Op verschillende manieren kun jij helpen om onze activiteiten in Amsterdam en omgeving mogelijk te maken, voor nu en de toekomst.

Steun COC

DIEP gaat diep over mannelijkheid

22 mei 2013 -

diep festival flyer

Seriously DIEP: Masculinity in all His/Her/Its Facets (opening event)

What does one mean when one says “masculinity”? What makes a man into a man? Can we do away with stereotypes such as “dominant”, “strong” and “emotionless”? How do feminine men, trans men, masculine women and intimacy between men themselves change how we think about masculinity? We dive into these questions during an interdisciplinary pop-up university Seriously DIEP on June 8 together with artists, activists and academics from different fields. Starting with a “keynote conversation” by Dr. Murat Ademyr, the event will move to “dialogue labs” that will include, among others, Dr. Eliza Steinbock, photographer Emilie Jouvet, film maker Gala Vanting and sexologist Peter Leusink. We invite you to join them in exploring masculinity in all his/her/its multifaceted variety.

Dare to experiment!

Seriously DIEP is not your traditional academic conference, but an experimental pop-up university, challenging academics and students to move outside of their theoretical frameworks and disciplinary boundaries. We offer students the opportunity to join academics, artists and activists from different fields in the “dialogue labs” that will be focused on three different topics: Trans Masculinities; From Female Masculinities to Fem Power and Beyond; and Pornification of the Straight Man. All dialogue labs will be lead by at least one academic and one artist or activist and it is up to them – and to you – how this academic-artistic experiment will go.

Outside national boundaries

Seriously DIEP offers students a chance to get in touch not only with Dutch but also international artists and academics: French artist Emilie Jouvet – an icon in contemporary queer art scene; from Stockholm University comes Ingrid Ryberg, whose Ph. D. research covered the topics of queer, feminist and lesbian art and culture; film maker from Australia famous for her “slow porn” – Gala Vanting, to mention a few. All of them and a number of others will be the ones to involve you in the experiments of “dialogue labs”.

DIEP Festival

Seriously DIEP is part of the DIEP festival 2013 – a festival of gender and sexuality against the grain. Taking place a week before the festival, Seriously DIEP will give its participants a chance to get academically involved in out-of-the-box exploration of the topic of masculinity.

Seriously DIEP pop-up university is organized with support from Utrecht University.
In the evening following the pop-up university, please join us for our Seriously DIEP public debate: ‘Concept: Man’

Practical information
Where: Das Spectrum, Utrecht
When: Saturday, June 8th
What time: 10.00AM – 5.30PM
How much: 15 euros, 10 euros for students
Tickets and more information: www.dieputrecht.nl

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