Wij zijn er voor Amsterdam en omgeving.

2014: oprichting van AmsterdamPinkPanel, een onderzoekspanel voor veiligheid van LHBT Amsterdammers
30 augustus 2015: Amsterdam schaft verplichte geslachtsregistratie op gemeentelijke formulieren af
2016: EuroPride in Amsterdam
2021: COC Amsterdam bestaat 75 jaar!
1 april 2016: Amsterdam viert 15 jaar homohuwelijk met I Amsterdam in regenboogkleuren
5 december 2015: Amsterdam vangt LHBT-vluchtelingen die daaraan behoefte hebben apart op.
2016; COC Amsterdam e.o. bestaat zeventig jaar!
8 april 2013: groot protest in Amsterdam tijdens bezoek Poetin
2015: start Cocktail, maatjesproject voor LHBT asielzoekers in Amsterdam en Almere
2013: COC Amsterdam e.o presenteert het RAINBOW-project: een nieuw lespakket voor voorlichting op scholen
1 maart 2023: Op 1 maart ondertekenden 14 partijen het provinciaal regenboogstembus akkoord 2023.

Doe mee!

Op verschillende manieren kun jij helpen om onze activiteiten in Amsterdam en omgeving mogelijk te maken, voor nu en de toekomst.

Steun COC

Volunteers Needed for “Out With It: Community Solutions for the Sexual Health and Rights”

17 July 2018 -


Sunday July 22, 2018 
KIT, Royal Tropical Institute 
Amsterdam, Netherlands 

At a daylong pre-meeting to AIDS 2018, MPact (formerly known as MSMGF) will provide a platform for over 400 activists, researchers, implementers, and donors focused on gay and bisexual men to share the most recent research, good practices, and advocacy strategies on 22nd July.  The meeting will take place at the KIT, Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam from 8 AM to 6.30 PM followed by a Wine and Cheese Reception. We will feature the key issues facing young gay and bisexual men as illustrated by twelve teams of innovators who responded to our Global Challenge for forward-thinking solutions on topics related to sexual health and human rights. The format will include plenary-type sessions in the morning and 9 break-out sessions in the afternoon following by activities in plenary again.  

MPact is seeking 10 volunteers to assist our team members with a range of tasks on the day of the pre-meeting. Tasks may include: 

  1. Assisting with carrying of materials from storage room to main plenary hall
  2. Set-up of check-in desks early prior to registration
  3. Assisting with registration of all attendees
  4. Directing attendees to break-out rooms/restrooms/plenary hall
  5. Attending break-out sessions and assisting as necessary – Some volunteers may be asked to rapporteur (i.e. take summary notes from the break-out room and report back to a central focal point)
  6. Distributing evaluation forms

Reporting time is 7 AM local time. Lunch and a t-shirt will be provided.  
All volunteers are welcome to attend the wine and cheese reception.  
We ask that you wear your “Out With It” t-shirt on the day of the event.  

If you’re interested, please contact: msundararaj@mpactglobal.org 

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