Wij zijn er voor Amsterdam en omgeving.

8 april 2013: groot protest in Amsterdam tijdens bezoek Poetin
5 december 2015: Amsterdam vangt LHBT-vluchtelingen die daaraan behoefte hebben apart op.
1 april 2016: Amsterdam viert 15 jaar homohuwelijk met \'I Amsterdam\' in regenboogkleuren
2014: oprichting van AmsterdamPinkPanel, een onderzoekspanel voor veiligheid van LHBT Amsterdammers
30 augustus 2015: Amsterdam schaft verplichte geslachtsregistratie op gemeentelijke formulieren af
2016; COC Amsterdam e.o. bestaat zeventig jaar!
2016: EuroPride in Amsterdam
2015: start Cocktail, maatjesproject voor LHBT asielzoekers in Amsterdam en Almere
2013: COC Amsterdam e.o presenteert het RAINBOW-project: een nieuw lespakket voor voorlichting op scholen

Doe mee!

Op verschillende manier kun jij helpen om onze activiteiten in Amsterdam en omgeving mogelijk te maken, voor nu en de toekomst.

Steun COC

What is Cocktail?

Cocktail is a buddy project from COC Amsterdam for LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) ‘newcomers’: asylum seekers/refugees and migrants. The project runs in Amsterdam and Almere. Next to the buddy project, Cocktail Amsterdam also organizes social-get together events, known as ‘Cocktail Events’

What are Cocktail’s goals?

• Cocktail wants to help reduce the isolation that LGBT newcomers might feel in their community and introduce them into the Dutch society in a safe way.
• Cocktail wants to help improve the social climate for/and the safety of LGBT newcomers and migrants in the Netherlands.

What does Cocktail do?

The buddy project Cocktail organises buddy contact between an LGBT newcomer and a volunteer. After an initial interview Cocktail tries to find a suitable buddy, considering both the language and wishes of the newcomer. If there is a ‘click’ between the buddy and the newcomer, they can make arrangements about the activities that they want to do together, when and where etc.

Cocktail buddies don’t offer legal, medical, mental or financial help. If needed, the newcomer will be referred to professional organisations.

Cocktail Amsterdam also organize social get-together events for asylum seeker and refugee LGBT people living in The Netherlands. More information about these Cocktail Events can be found here.

Cocktail Amsterdam is fully run by volunteers. To guarantee the necessary integrity and quality, Cocktail volunteers are screened regarding motivation, suitability and trustworthiness. Courses and lectures are offered to the volunteers to improve their competence.

To achieve its goals Cocktail explicitly strives for collaboration with refugee and migrant organisations, as well as other aid organisations. Together with other LGBT initiatives we compiled the first draft of a Pink Card Amsterdam for LGBT newcomers, which gives an overview of available support and (health)services in Amsterdam.


Do you want to know more about Cocktail Amsterdam? Please contact us! We welcome all reactions, questions and ideas @ info@cocamsterdam.nl

Or, do you want more information about COC Amsterdam in general?

Are you a LGBT newcomer and interested in a buddy contact? 

Cocktail Amsterdam: cocktail­amsterdam@cocamsterdam.nl

Cocktail Almere: cocktail­almere@cocamsterdam.nl

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