Wij zijn er voor Amsterdam en omgeving.

1 maart 2023: Op 1 maart ondertekenden 14 partijen het provinciaal regenboogstembus akkoord 2023.
5 december 2015: Amsterdam vangt LHBT-vluchtelingen die daaraan behoefte hebben apart op.
2016; COC Amsterdam e.o. bestaat zeventig jaar!
1 april 2016: Amsterdam viert 15 jaar homohuwelijk met I Amsterdam in regenboogkleuren
2016: EuroPride in Amsterdam
8 april 2013: groot protest in Amsterdam tijdens bezoek Poetin
30 augustus 2015: Amsterdam schaft verplichte geslachtsregistratie op gemeentelijke formulieren af
2021: COC Amsterdam bestaat 75 jaar!
2014: oprichting van AmsterdamPinkPanel, een onderzoekspanel voor veiligheid van LHBT Amsterdammers
2015: start Cocktail, maatjesproject voor LHBT asielzoekers in Amsterdam en Almere
2013: COC Amsterdam e.o presenteert het RAINBOW-project: een nieuw lespakket voor voorlichting op scholen

Doe mee!

Op verschillende manieren kun jij helpen om onze activiteiten in Amsterdam en omgeving mogelijk te maken, voor nu en de toekomst.

Steun COC

Join Trans Care Now!

25 June 2021 -
On Saturday 26 June 2021, Trans Care Now! organises a demonstration in Amsterdam, against the miserable state of transgender health care and for a structurally different system of transition care based on self determination and decentralisation.
Read the full statement on the website: https://transzorgnu.noblogs.org/
The walking part of the demo comprises approximately 1 hour. The route is wheelchair accessible. You can find a map in the comments on this event. It’s a little DIY, but for those who can’t walk the whole way, we will have a large cargo bicycle decked out with a mattress and cushioning that participants can sit in while our volunteer (or your friend) cycles, in case they get tired. You can recognize it by its signs that read “Tired? Take a rest”. If you think you might want to make use of this option, it helps us if you could let us know in advance. We’re working on arranging a sign language interpreter (to be confirmed) and will set up a livestream for anyone who can’t be there in person.
Covid prevention
As we are still in a pandemic, COVID prevention measures are in place during the demonstration. This means that each attendee is required to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth and keep 1.5 meters distance from other attendees. We ask everybody to do this regardless of changes in state regulations. This should go without saying, but: if you have any symptoms resembling COVID, please stay at home. We will also provide disinfectant and face masks at the demo.
Keep an eye out on the Facebook event page for updates.
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